What Does Your #Association Website Say About You? – Part 2

A performing website will yield benefits for your membership recruitment and retention efforts, as well as help drive your sponsorship and exhibitor sales. A poorly functioning website can do just the opposite. It can be a warning sign screaming “This association doesn’t have what you need.” How can you tell which situation you are in? Our first post offered 3 warning signs, shortened versions as follows:

  • You Are Living With Someone Else’s Idea: If your website has not been reviewed and revised in the last 12-18 months, it is your first warning sign.
  • Proper Branding: Consistent branding is key; and if there is a disconnect, it is another indication that a re-design or facelift is required.
  • Are You Searchable?  SEO rules and functionality can have changed overnight, and it is important that your organizations stays on top of these changes to ensure that you stay competitive online.

What else should you be working for?

  1. How Is Your Content?  Have you read your website content lately?  Is it easy to understand?  Does it teach anything?  Have you put yourself in the shoes of a visitor; will they understand it? When was the last time you revised the wording?  Are there new issues, terms, buzzwords that you now should be referencing on your site?  These questions are important to determine whether the content is worth keeping.  If drastic changes are in order, it is another indication that a redesign should be considered.
  2. Calling All Websites!  We live in a mobile age; people are using smartphones, tablets, and other devices to be connected 24/7.  Savvy associations are updating their websites to be mobile-friendly.  This means that if someone visits your website it will render legibly and attractively on their mobile device.  Websites that have yet to be optimized stand out like a sore thumb, and make it difficult to navigate the information.  If your website has yet to be optimized for mobile, it is time to update.
  3. Are You In Fashion?  Website design follows certain trends and fashion.  Often times you can clue in on whether it is time to update your website by simply looking around.  Are you still employing a left-hand navigation bar, whereas everyone else moved to a thinner, top-of-the-page navigation?  Is your colour-scheme outdated?  Being unique is one thing, but just like you would raise eyebrows if you are now wore bell-bottomed pants and wide, psychedelic-coloured ties, ensuring your website is visually in-tune with the times is just as important.

Stay tuned for our last 3 tips!

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