Setting Your Conference or Event Up For Success


Our first step is to gain a complete understanding of you.  Our initial consultation is conducted with key staff members and volunteers to review the successes and shortfalls of the conference, including:

  • Event Objectives
  • Event Branding and Messaging
  • Budget
  • Suppliers, and
  • Overall Event Experience

This will assist us in creating an overall event strategy we are profiling the conference in the best light, and ensuring that your goals and objectives are being met.

Finding the Right Partners:

One of the primary areas to consider when creating an exceptional event is to choose the right partners to work with.  We will help you:

  • Site Selection – identifying the key cities/locations that you would ideally host your event in, researching venues that are both suitable for your size of group and are within the price range that your participants are comfortable with.  We will issue your RFP and collect responses, creating a comparison spreadsheet to review with your volunteer committee.
  • Contract Negotiation – this includes venues and other supplier partners (such as audio-visual, your main venue, alternate venues to start).


  • Budget Development & Financial Management – after a review of past budgets for your annual conference, we will prepare and submit an initial budget to your committee for review, changes and approval
  • Once approved, we can proceed with the planning of your conference.  As we proceed through the planning process, we will use the approved budget to track, report and update the budget throughout the course of the conference.
  • After the completion of the conference, we will submit a final budget, outlining profit and loss to provide you with a final financial report.

This is how we get the process started with you.  toring-the-ongoing-success-of-your-event/”>Click here to learn more about how we monitor progress & communication.