Need Member Recruitment Strategies? Here’s a few…

STOP reacting to a declining membership base – your growth strategy should be reflected every day, not just when you are in panic mode.  Here are a few examples of how to achieve this:

  1. Accept the fact that it is a sales game: Whether at a live event, through your email marketing, your social media channels or through word of mouth, your association is being reviewed – by prospective members – in a typical sales cycle for them.  They are looking at your membership fee just like they would when they are buying anything else of similar value.  Make sure that you are prepared for the sales cycle, assess how prospects are making purchasing decisions; and be ready to overcome objections to the sale!
  2. With sales, comes appropriate branding:  Avoid a website that is too cumbersome, not easy to find the info they want, etc.  Make sure that your social networks are active with content (self-created and from industry experts) that your industry will be interested in.  Share photos from your events to create FOMO – but keep in line with your brand.  What message are you sending to the universe?  I was on a fantastic webinar today about branding – the host really drilled that home – be REAL, but be professional.
  3. What’s your niche/value? Have you been able to clearly articulate that in 10 seconds or less?  If you have not, your online profile likely reads the same way.  Make sure you are clearly defining what your association represents; as it will have a greater impact on your recruitment efforts.  Here is an example:

    I am a member of – and recently joined the Board of Directors – of the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners.  We are a small but mighty association.  But here is where we differ in the world of industry associations – we are THE association for event entrepreneurs – those who’s business is to create event and conference experiences for their clients – but are also running their own business.  We are DIFFERENT to other associations because we not only have professional development related to our craft; we really focus on the education for the entrepreneur – human resources, legal, taxes, marketing, business development, contracts, cash flow, everything you need to know as an entrepreneur you can find out about with our association.  And this is something not offered by the others – which is why we really are poised for growth!

How are you demonstrating your growth strategy every day?

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