More Thoughts on Your #Association #Member Retention #Strategy

How do you keep your retention rate from sliding?  Here are some thoughts….

Member-Friendly Websites: Is your website member-friendly?  Set aside the fact that it needs to be mobile-friendly, attractive to the public, enticing for partners and sponsors, but is is actually member-friendly?  Testimonials, case studies, and member stories are of interest to like-minded individuals.  Does your website have this functionality? This can be both front-facing and gated in your online community.

Engagement Scoring: Forward-thinking associations are tracking engagement metrics; fully engaged members are low-risk to lapse, and those who are not really engaged can be identified and focused on to ensure that you increase their activity. Think about your activities, such as volunteering, event registrations, social media interaction, email opens and click throughs, downloads, etc, and how they can be scored.

Share Engagement Scores with Members: Create a game out of it!  Present badges for member profiles for those who are actively engaged, and create a plan of action for those who are not – you can even start by sharing their metrics (or, report card) with them.  If you are creating a contest out of it, can you offer some sort of prize draw for those who are above a certain level within a period of time?

Have Strategic Discussions with Members:  Don’t leave these conversations at the board level – include the general membership as well.  Ask your team to optimize their time with membership via phone, email, at events, on committees, etc, and ask strategic questions – how often should we be reaching out? What should we be contacting you about?  How important is the new initiative?  What can we be doing differently?

Most people join an association to better their knowledge, support the industry, and learn from their peers – your strategy should ensure that you are including all of these, asking the right questions, and rewarding those who are making their mark!

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