Membership Engagement

“Engagement: Result of a member investing time or money with the association in exchange for value.” ~David Gammel

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Online Asset Assessment

  • Website Assessment
  • Downloadable Content Assessment
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Member/Community Consultations
  • Reporting on what is attractive and what isn’t for each audience

Social Media Management

  • Assessment of current social media presence
  • Ongoing, annual management of your social media presence
  • Ongoing sharing of association updates and articles of interest
  • Ongoing communication with various departments within the association
  • Reporting on statistics, what is working, what isn’t

Surveys & Focus Groups

  • Determining key statistics to help your association grow and prosper
  • Focus groups in person or virtual
  • Overall member satisfaction, or regarding specific areas of interest
  • Detailed report & presentation of results

Website Design & SEO

  • For the association who needs an improved presence online
  • Simple yet effective websites produced to enhance your brand
  • Ongoing maintenance and performance management
  • Ongoing search engine optimization work