Member Retention Tips – Quick Wins for Your #Association

Retaining members is absolutely critical to the success of your association.  Motherhood and apple pie, but as a quick reminder, it costs WAY more to win over a new member than it does to hang on to an existing one.  Some experts believe it is 7-10 more.  So, what are you doing to get your quick wins with your membership?  Here are some tips to retain your existing membership base:

  1. Improve your onboarding process – what are you doing as soon as the member joins? Have you showed them where to find the information they need?  Record a webinar or video that walks them through where and how to access their benefits.
  2. Survey existing members to find out what they want, how they want it, and when they want it.  Never assume that you know – this kind of survey should be done annually.
  3. Provide the ability for members to switch their current payment plan – are you able to take fees in payments? Quarterly? Semi-Annually?  What can you do to make it easier on the pocketbook?
  4. Publish your content calendar – tease members with what’s coming content wise in the next quarter – so that if there membership is due during that time, they know what they are getting – and know what they will be missing.
  5. Make their lives easier – what tools, templates, software or other resources are available to members that they would miss if they left?  Make sure they know what they are, that they are using them.
  6. Focus on the positive – give members an area in the members only section where they can share their success stories, and celebrate one another. And, as the association, acknowledge and celebrate them.
  7. Time tested, testimonials are a great way to remind members why the association is THE organization to belong to.

There are SO many more ways to continually engage members and ensure your lapses are low – what else could you be doing?

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