Membership Help

Membership Recruitment

It takes a unique strategy and marketing plan to get the return you want on any recruitment efforts, so data quality is just as key as a well-designed promotion piece!

  • Data Cleansing calls to your prospective list
  • Obtaining opt-ins for your marketing and promotions
  • Lead Generation to your prospective list, to obtain new members

Membership Retention

Concerned about your retention rates?  You’re not alone.  Professional & Trade Associations across all industries are showing growing concerns, whether their membership is currently rapidly declining, or whether they have noticed a slow trend, and want to turn the ship around while they can.

  • Retention/renewal calls to lapsed or “almost lapsed” members
  • Obtain feedback for your association to review how to make the renewal process easier

Membership Surveys

If you are looking for answers from your membership, and want an independent firm to help you find the answers, we can help!

  • Determining key statistics to help your association grow and prosper
    Focus groups in person or virtual
  • Overall member satisfaction, or regarding specific areas of interest
  • Detailed report & presentation of results

Our packages include up to two calls per person, based on pre-approved objectives to Canadian-based contacts. You receive regular updates on the status of the calls, and a final report at the end outlining what was heard, how many messages were left, and additional recommendations based on feedback

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