Association Consulting Services

For Organizations That Need An Outside Perspective, or Additional Help.

From Membership Recruitment & Retention, to Member Surveys to Sponsorship Consulting, we are here for you! Have a look at our service descriptions and a few of our packages, or reach out for a customized quote!


Membership recruitment is a sales game – and associations, now more then ever, need a comprehensive plan.  One that provides your organization with the road map you need for growth!

Our membership review and audit will help ensure that you are organized and effective, while providing member prospect with the information they need to make an informed decision. We will provide a step-by-step plan that your team can use to grow your membership numbers.

Included with the recruitment plans we will also conduct a member program audit, to make sure that the programs and services you have now will continue to represent what your members need for the future.

Concerned about your retention rates? You’re not alone.  Professional & Trade Associations across all industries are showing growing concerns, whether their membership is currently rapidly declining, or whether they have noticed a slow trend, and want to turn the ship around while they can.

Our services include:

  • Retention/renewal calls to lapsed or “almost lapsed” members
    Obtain feedback for your association to review how to make the renewal process easier

If you are looking for answers from your membership, and want an independent firm to help you find the answers, we can help!

  • Determining key statistics to help your association grow and prosper
  • Focus groups in person or virtual
  • Overall member satisfaction, or regarding specific areas of interest
  • Detailed report & presentation of results

We focus on the following areas that are critical to your sponsorship success:

  • Identification of your organizations assets: What you have to sell, and what your member’s are buying and determining the value of these assets.
  • Review or develop an overall sponsorship strategy
  • Review or build a sponsor evaluation strategy (who is sponsoring NOW, who has potential going forward).
  • Consulting as needed or ongoing