Event Audit


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Events and conferences play a pivotal role in the membership experience. If attendance is declining, it might be a symptom of something deeper.

Event Audit

Looking to gather event intelligence that will help you/your conference grow according to current trends, member/sponsor preferences, and overall feedback?

We can help using our 4-step process:

Interviews & Research

  • In-depth interviews key contact(s) regarding roles and responsibilities, goals and objectives, and what they hope the audit will achieve
  • In-depth interview with your meeting contractor (if applicable)
  • Sponsor and exhibitor input and feedback
  • Review past event evaluations
  • Environmental scan to determine¬†successes and lessons learned from like-minded organizations

Survey of Past Participants

  • Develop, design and deploy a survey to past participants
  • Fulfill incentives (if applicable)
  • Communicate via social media about the survey (if applicable)
  • Evaluate final survey results to incorporate in final report and other phase(s)

Analysis of Findings

  • Consolidate findings from Steps 1 and 2
  • Identify opportunities and challenges found throughout the process
  • Recommended timing/length/location of the event
  • Recommended education formats and content
  • Determination of how roles and responsibilities could be better divided between staff and volunteers

Reporting & Recommendations

  • A summary of key findings from the interview process, without identifying any particular person or organization; but reporting on over-arching concerns, goals, and objectives.
  • Summary report from the environmental scan.
  • Summary report and graphical analysis from 2014 participant survey.
  • A final recommendations report outlining what we see as key challenges to overcome, opportunities to be maximized, and other recommendations as uncovered (e.g. sponsorship, marketing, etc.) that can be taken into consideration.
  • We will also include recommendations on how to divide responsibilities.