Does Your Association Have a Social Media Strategy?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, the list goes on with the number of platforms available to you to help rev up your purpose and your messaging.  But have you developed your strategy yet?  In some cases there has been a strategy developed, so this post will be a refresher for you to use as a review.  Others may not have developed a strategy beyond “using it to expand our reach”.  Many associations have signed up for social media accounts on the various platforms available to them but are not using them effectively.  Here are some things to think about when determining if your current strategy is still working, or to kick it off by outlining a strategy to start benchmarking against:

At The End of the Day, What Is It You Want To Accomplish?  

WRITE IT DOWN.  Is it 50 new members?  Is it new corporate partnerships/sponsors?  Is it to create engagement with your current members?  Whatever it is, you need to define it now to determine success later.

Embed Social Sharing in Your Notifications That Tie Back To Your Goal(s).  

When you are announcing a new member benefit, if your new prospectus is available, or you are advising members of a position paper created by your association on a particular topic/area of concern, whatever the message is that you are sending via email to advise your members, include social share buttons.

Chances are, those you want to attract for whatever purpose are also following your members on various social accounts.  Have your members help expand your reach by embedding the text you want to be shared by your member in the social sharing functionality.

Perhaps you can even take it one step further and create/monitor a particular hashtag and run a member contest at the same time (i.e. whoever shares gets entered in a draw to participate in the next webinar for free, etc).

Be Interesting to Increase Reaction To Your Posts = Increasing Clicks, Website Visits, Visibility 

This is motherhood and apple pie, but links = visits.  As long as you are interesting enough, and that your social post is “find-able”.  So:

  • Make sure you are using hashtags whenever you can!
  • Text-only posts are OK – but not all the time – add a video, a GIF, an image, something that is going to capture their attention.
  • Post frequently…..keep your accounts appropriately active or people will lose interest.
  • Don’t just share your stuff, share others too!  If it is relevant to your association, the industry, share it.

Your Success Is In The Data… 

Data, Data, Data.  It’s all we here about.  But it is SO powerful.  Metrics can help you determine what posts were more successful than others, based on likes, shares, or link clicks (whatever the goal of the post was).  Ultimately, it helps you monitor and determine engagement with your community.  It will help you determine over time whether all you need to do is “rinse & repeat”, or go back to the drawing table.

What else do you look to add to your social strategy?

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