Creating a Social Media Strategy for your #Association

Social media continues to be more and more effective each year. It has GREAT potential for your association – for member recruitment, retention and engagement, event promotion, sponsor and partner opportunities, advocacy, etc. Here are some tips to get you started on creating a strategy for social media for your association:

Where:  What are the best platforms for you?

Audiences are different from platform to platform.  Instead of being everywhere (something I have never favoured); research where your members live online…Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram?  Others? Where is your target audience?  Ask them!  And then create content that is relevant for them, in that particular format (articles, video, memes, infographics, and more).

What: Create Content that is Relevant, Useful

What can you consistently produce? When creating your wish list of content to produce, take a moment for each idea to identify WHY it’s relevant – what will make them take action (share, change their behaviour, etc)

How: It’s got to be visually pleasing

Examples can include some identified above: infographics, video, blogs, case studies, third party content, and more. Make sure that you are creating something that is visually pleasing, and lines with the goals of the content, and your over-arching strategy.

Other questions to ask when developing your strategy:

Here are some other things to ask when developing your first, or revising your current, social media strategy:

Do we have a following?
Do non-members know about our association?
What are our associations goals?
Are they clearly represented on our website?

At the end of the day, developing the strategy is great, but consistency is key.  A handful of posts is not going to be relevant forever.  You need to be producing fresh, meaningful content on a time frame that both works for you, and your association.

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