Boost Event Attendance! 8 Ideas…

Need some ideas on boosting your event attendance?  Here are some of our faves:

  1. Industry Event Postings – What industry publications exist? Do they have a listing section on their website to help promote industry events? Can they partner with you to help market your event?
  2. Write effective copy – for your website, emails, blogs, social, gear it towards two kinds of people (or, one person if they are one and the same!) – the attendee and the decision maker. The attendee may want to have certain tactical information, while the decision maker, if it is in fact a second person, needs to understand the overall value.
  3. Get visual – memes, infographics, etc. Make your posts and other marketing efforts visually appealing and less text-heavy.
  4. Use video – get your speakers, staff, board, members and others to submit short videos on why your conference is so great, and what they will be missing if they do not register!
  5. Find your influencers – and get them to help you promote the event online.  They are already trusted by your industry – use that to your advantage if you can.
  6. Make sure you have a healthy mix of promotional information but create conversations too.
  7. Get your delegates to share – and if you can, track the success – services like snoball event influencer marketing are becoming increasingly popular.
  8. Create a contest or two to build some hype – can you promote something like “those who register by the early bird deadline will be entered into a draw to win their flight to the conference!” or another bonus that they can receive?

What else are you doing to boost your event attendance?

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