Are You Retaining Your Members? Engagement Matters!

Just sending them a satisfaction survey (and getting a 25-30% response rate) is not going to work.  Those who respond to this are going to sit in one of two categories:  Those who are REALLY engaged (who are on the committees, volunteering, attending your events, recommending the organization to their colleagues), and those who are REALLY not (they have become dissatisfied with their membership for whatever reason, and this is their arena to say something about it).

Where you are missing the mark is with those members who sit on the fence – the ones who come to some of your events, who may respond to an occasional request for assistance, but who you never really hear from on a regular basis.

Based on my experiences, here are some tips that I have found useful:

Immediately After Joining:  Send them the collateral they should have.  I have found of late that it has become an ad-hoc process; some just send a welcome email and advise that the website has all of the information they need.

At the Two Week Mark:  Make a follow up welcome call.  Ask them questions about why they joined, and if they need help finding anything. The welcome calls I have made of late were very well received, and people thanked me for taking the time.

Check in at the 90-day Mark:  Use this as an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the association – they may have suggestions on what to improve/add/remove as benefits or other offers.

At the Six-Month Mark:  Take a look at the members purchase history.  Are they making purchases on your research available, taking your professional development courses, attended a local networking event, or registered for your national conference?  Assess what the history is and follow up with them based on what you have found.

At the Nine-Month Mark:  Its getting close to renewal time, so it is the perfect time to start re-marketing to these individuals.  Send them the renewal material, and check-in to ensure it was received.

At the One-Year Mark:  Many of these contacts will likely renew.  Those who do without further intervention should be rewarded – recognize them in some way (on your website, in a newsletter, or do something fun and send them a certificate of appreciation).  Those who do not should be contacted right away, versus waiting to see if a late renewal will be coming in.

How are you currently maintaining a relationship with your members?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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