5 Member Recruitment Ideas You Can Implement NOW

Truthfully, I have 12 ideas; but I am giving you 5 in the blog.  If you are interested in the rest, let me know by reaching out – happy to forward our PDF!

Marketing #1 – Email
Focus on what you offer that no one else does…like a large number of job postings for members only, as an example. Start your message off with a catchy subject line to your prospects, like

“Sarah, are you looking for work? Our members had access to over XX job postings last year!”

Marketing # 2 – Tradeshow
Does your organization participate in industry tradeshows? Most do. Encourage them to come by your booth for a meet and greet and a special offer – like a promo code for those who do visit to join at a special rate. Yes, it really does work!

I was involved in a 150 in 150 campaign that say new members join in Canada’s 150 for $150 – pickup was really fun to watch!

Marketing #3 – Special Event Pricing
You have events throughout the year – and you are marketing to them at a non-member rate. Don’t forget to create a registration category for them to register for the event AND buy a
membership at a special combined rate!

Marketing #4 – Email
Pick a member benefit that most of your members see tremendous value in (like massive insurance discounts, for example), and promote it with vigor! In some cases, the savings on the insurance alone could outweigh the cost of membership.

Marketing #5 – Current Members
Your current members likely know colleagues who SHOULD be a member of your association. Start a member-get-a-member campaign, with rewards for those who participate!

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