186 Leads on New Member Recruits? Yes, it is possible

Without naming names, we wanted to share a recent success story with you on a membership recruitment campaign.

The client recently purchased a list from a data provider of companies who would be in a position to connect, engage, contribute and join the association.  The list was over 4,00o companies, none of which contained email addresses, due to the anti-spam legislation, and they really did not know where to start.

They approached us to see what could be done.  We suggested testing the list – both for quality, and to determine whether or not these companies would actually be interested in a membership with the association.  We suggested starting with about 20% of the list – or 900 companies, to reach out and determine the following:

  • Who was the owner/manager responsible for memberships;
  • Whether the company qualified for membership (i.e. where they “in the biz”);
  • If they were aware of the association that we were calling on behalf of;
  • If they knew about the programs, services and benefits offered by the association that would help their company grow and prosper;
  • Would they consider reviewing membership information and/or joining the association.

Those who said that they would be interested in exploring membership received a detailed email from the association (we sent it as they came through), outlining upcoming events, areas of interest based on conversations, and examples of like-minded organizations in their area who were members.

The result?  186 new member leads for the small-sized association to follow up on.

How did this benefit them?

  • The manager at the association was able to focus in on a smaller set of qualified records to follow up with, add to the newsletter list, and encourage to come out to a local event that would introduce them to the association;
  • They were able to immediately filter out those who were not interested, i.e. the “non-joiners”;
  • They were able to report back to their board of directors on the status of the quality of the list, and whether the campaign was worth the investment.

The answer to the last bullet was a resounding yes – they are seeing prospective members inquire with deeper questions to the manager to help them make a decision; they are speaking with board members who are committed to show the value of the association and keep it growing!

What could a dedicated recruitment campaign do for you?  Let’s connect!

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