17 Ideas for Social Media Content for Your Association


Struggling to keep your association’s social media feeds fresh, and with good, consumable content?  Here are 17 ideas:

Post Ideas About Your Association

  1. Promo/Discount Codes for your events, resources for sale.  Create these codes and use them exclusively on your social media accounts.  This will help you track activity, and boost your engagement!
  2. Case studies. Have a look at your member benefits, and see if you can create a case study (or two, three!) about success stories that these benefits have given to your membership.
  3. Testimonials!
  4. Photos from events, day to day office work, etc.
  5. Announcements of upcoming events, online and offline. For example, let people know if your company will be at an expo.
  6. Feature your team by profiling them on your social media channels.

Post Ideas For Your Following

  1. Feature your members by profiling them on your social media channels.
  2. Monthly reminders about events, upcoming industry initiatives, etc.
  3. Links to external or internal resources that are relevant – new legislation, advocacy work, etc. Links to legal resources relevant to your audience.

Posts Ideas About Your Industry

  1. Links to blogs and articles (internal and external) relevant to your industry.
  2. Share-able news stories. Commentary on how this story impacts your membership/industry.
  3. Consumable tips for your industry – What are common issues?  What are recommendations your organization can provide to help solve that issue?
  4. Polls – are you creating new resources, or looking to launch another initiative that would benefit your association, and your industry?  Release polls to get quick, usable feedback.

Posts Ideas That Have Personality!

  1. Share news – if a member has crossed a certain membership threshold, if an employee is celebrating an anniversary, and other milestones.
  2. Start a conversation that creates an online relationship – what does your industry people do in their downtime?  What are their favourite places to go to unwind? Learn about the person!
  3. Fun Holiday reminders are always fantastic (Yes, the standard ones, but what about the fun ones?  What can you celebrate? This list always makes me smile!
  4. Calls for volunteer opportunities – not just the opportunity, but jazz it up with some fun photos and why their awesome personality is needed.
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